Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hair Update

Long time no post huh?

It's been a month since I did my big chop! I did the big chop on August 19th, and some things have changed. I trimmed my entire head so it could be even, now I think it's back at the length it was when I first chopped it. So it's growing pretty well.

I changed up my regimen a little. I am no longer using the jojoba oil, because I was using the wrong jojoba oil. It was in a jar, and it just felt like hair grease on my hair. Even when I washed my hair I still felt it on there. Now I spritz my hair every morning then rub EVOO on there and I'm good to go for 2 days with that. Then I co-wash every 2 days, and deep condition every week 1/2

I'm still loving my hair, and can't wait until it grows so I can try some styles

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