My Hair Regimen

Everyday Morning Regimen
  • Unwrap scarf from my head
  • Sprtiz with water
  • Massage with fingers
  • Put jojoba oil on
  • Then I'm good to go
Night Time Regimen
  • Spritz hair with water
  • Wrap hair with scarf
Co-wash regimen
  • Rub V05 into hair, massage into scalp
  • Comb the conditioner through with a comb
  • Wait a few minutes, then rinse out with warm water 
Deep Conditioning Regimen
  • Rub handful of EVOO onto hair
  • Rub handful of honey onto hair
  • Put on shower cap for 1-2 hours
  • Rinse out with warm water
  • Put in V05 Tea Therapy conditioner, rinse out after a few minutes
  • Then I'm good to go